U, V, W, X…..catching up….


Hey yall…sorry for the delay. I think next to December, April is probably the worst month to have tried to do this daily blogging adventure. But I promised I would, so, here we go…

U is for…Umbrella

Well, it’s more about friendship and asking for help than it is about umbrellas, but it goes together, I swear. So, about a year ago, I didn’t own one umbrella. Not a one. I was constantly getting stuck in the rain with at best a hood, and often not even that. I had grown used to it until I realized I’m kinda supposed to be a grown-up and professional and stuff. So I probably shouldn’t show up to my classes looking more disheveled than my students. I started talking about how I needed an umbrella, and before I knew it, I had 4! Family members and friends either gave me one of their collection or bought my a new one. It’s yet another example of how when you ask for help (even indirectly), God will send you what you need.

V is for…Victory!
I absolutely love my job. Love. But this semester has worn me out in more ways than one. However, we’ve almost made it… the semester has one more week left of classes, and then finals week and then…victory! So close to being finished.

W is for…Worley! ❤

Though I have not been as vocal about it as of late, I am still in love with Vance Worley. And he has already proven that he wasn’t just “The Little Rookie That Could,” he has staying power…haters!

X is for…Xerox.

There are a number of terms that are starting to distance me and my students. While we are fairly close in age, I keep getting older, and my students stay the same age with each passing semester. And so the age gap increases. And so do the common references we have. Xerox is not a word they’re familiar with. A list of other lost references: Woody Allen, rotary phones, and how we ever met up with people without text messaging.


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  1. You will never be old! You are hip and happenin’, and as you and Brett have done for me, they will help you stay young! Feel free to keep this on the “QT.”

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