F is for… “fairness”


“That’s not fair!”

This is one of the most annoying phrases for me. Fair? Really? Look around you. Look at the world. What is fair? And really, chances are if you do look around you, especially globally, you’ll be slapped in the face with the realization that whatever you think “isn’t fair” is actually considered a luxury in most corners of the world. (“It’s not fair that I have to get up so early for work,” “It’s not fair that I have to take a gen ed class that I don’t want to,” “It’s not fair that I haven’t gotten a raise in the past three years,” boils down to: you have a job to go to everyday, you have the privilege of going to college, you are more than likely getting paid more than minimum wage and are able to at least pay for necessities.)

One of the best teachers in my high school used to say “fair is for five-year-olds,” in response to this phrase. We do teach our young children about fairness only to have them learn not too much later that there is no such thing.

One of my favorite authors once wrote,  “We must accept unfairness as proof of the sublime flux of existence, the capricious music of the universe – and go on about our tasks.” I made a mug that has that same quote on it to remind me that the universe isn’t concerned with fairness.

But once you get past the stronghold we have on the concept that things must or should be fair, it’s rather liberating. Do things happen that shouldn’t? Yes. Do bad things happen to good people? Sure. Does that upset most people? Only if they have a heart. It’s proof that the universe isn’t fair. It’s either one of two things: part of God’s plan that we don’t completely understand, or it’s utter chaos. So we have a couple options: let it go or make it fair. But please, don’t just whine and complain about it.


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  1. It was FAIR and WONDERFUL to be with you today!! Nice blog, and I look forward to tomorrow’s. I’m going to need blog detox at the end of the alphabet (boo hoo).

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