Broadway Adaptation


I have completed #10 – See a Broadway Show! Kind of last minute, I was invited to go along with the WCU Forensics (Speech & Debate) team to a tournament in NYC. And the first day we were there we caught a Broadway show! I haven’t been in NYC for soooo long that it almost felt like the first time again. I don’t ever remember actually being in Times Square, so that was a cool experience. Although being there made me feel like I’m from The South…everything and everyone moves considerably faster there. Being in the Philly area, we’re not that far from NYC, but there is a drastic difference anyway.

So, Broadway! We went to see the crazy but entertaining Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. No matter what, Broadway shows are simply mesmerizing. I’ve seen three others years ago (Phantom, Chicago, Scarlet Pimpernel). Some of the people in our group were seeing a Broadway show for the first time, and it was really fun seeing their reactions. 🙂  I was glad to not only see the show and be in NYC, but to be there with such a fantastic and fun group of people. This is basically what the show looks like at any given point:



Although I did get to cross off one List Item, it was inevitable that some of my List Items would become obsolete at some point since they are time-sensitive. One of these items is #14. Watch all the Oscar nominated “Best Films” the year they’re nominated. I only got to three: The Artist, War Horse, and Midnight in Paris. With a little luck, The Artist won! So, I did end up seeing the actual winner. So, I have reworked the formatting of the original list to show which items I have completed and which ones are not gonna happen. Although my Big Picture Goal was of course to complete all of these items, deep down I knew that might not happen. But we must be adaptable, understanding, and forgiving. Life doesn’t always take you where you think it will…often it takes you on a completely different path than you intended, but remaining adaptable is an essential trait to have in order to maintain happiness in one’s life.  I am blessed to have had so many experiences that were not on my list (starting my own business, deepening my faith, being dazzled by two seasons at once, and the chance to blog elsewhere) and I know Life has a lot more in store. Thank you all for being on the journey with me. I hope your own journey is treating you well.



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