Farewell 2011


It’s New Year’s Eve which makes everyone all self-reflective-y, myself included, no matter how hard I try to convince myself there’s nothing different about today. Every year I think about New Year’s resolutions, and some years I even half commit to them. Every year I fail miserably. Recently, I read Tracy’s blog on How to Write a Good Resolution. So I thought, maybe I’ve just been doing it wrong all these years.

While discussing with my brother, he offered that my 30 List could be my New Year’s resolution(s). While I appreciated both his acknowledgment of my endeavor and the “easy way out,” I decided that wasn’t the right path either since my list is pretty self-involved. (**Which is something else that has been on my mind that I have been feeling a bit guilty about, but perhaps I will blog about that another time.)

So I decided on something different…kind of. They are the same kind of resolutions I have tried to make in the past, but using Tracy’s advice, I’ve made them a bit more specific. So, at the risk of announcing this only to fall short a year from now, I will tell you anyway. My New Year’s resolutions are:

  • Volunteer somewhere once a month
  • Do an hour-long yoga class once a week

So, there it is. For years I’ve been saying, “I want to volunteer more” or “I want to have a more consistent yoga practice.” And I have done both of those to a certain degree, but not very consistently. The consistent part is what I am hoping to tackle with the “once a week” and “once a month” bits.

Any help from yall would be awesome. “Help” could include coming with me to volunteer somewhere or taking a yoga class with me. Or it could mean mentioning ideas for volunteering or a new yoga studio. Or it could just mean encouraging (read: reminding!) me about my goals. I will vow to do the same for you.

What are your resolutions this year?? Or are you not so keen on the idea? Let me know your thoughts so we can help each other, no matter what the upcoming year has in store. Onward to 2012, friends! ❤


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