God is great, beer is good….and people are crazy!


I have a couple list items to cross off! Although they are not inherently linked, they do seem to go hand-in-hand. The next winners on the list are:

21. Learn to really like one kind of beer

26. Karaoke!

#21 I have been working on for the past few months. Lucky (?) for me, I have lots of friends that like beer. And they like beer a lot. 🙂 So every time I went out, I’d try a sip. Before long, my Very Bestest would be able to figure out which ones to choose for me to try. Apparently, I don’t like “hoppy” beers or “heavy” beers. I do like wheat beers…and anything a bit on the sweet side. This is no surprise. So what have become my staples are Blue Moon and Stella Artois. I can honestly say I actually enjoy drinking them as opposed to tolerating them (which is still how I feel about beers like Coors Light, I have recently discovered.) I have also discovered that I really enjoy drinking from unique glasses. (Almost certain this is why I like Stella.) I also really appreciate the aesthetics of watching a just-poured Guinness, though I don’t enjoy the taste.

But I am still thrown off by some flavors. I still don’t know enough about beers to properly discern if I am going to enjoy one. Beers like “Pumpkin Ale” and “Chocolate Stout” sound like things I’d love! And while the “pumpkin” part and the “chocolate” part would suggest I’d love it, the “ale” and “stout” parts prove otherwise. So I still have a lot to learn, I think. Luckily, I have wonderful friends to help me navigate this World of Beer.

Onto #26 – Karaoke!  Sponsored by beer! Jkk. 😉  Actually, karaoke came out of nowhere one night…which is probably where karaoke should come from since when a karaoke outing is actually planned, it’s never as fun. So after a fantastic Qwirk show, we decided to grab a drink at the bar across the way only to discover that Wednesday is their weekly karaoke night! Oh how delighted I was! I also discovered The Best Way to experience karaoke that night which is to choose songs for your friends who then are required to sing them! Makes the whole experience that much more ridiculous and entertaining. (Even though I definitely didn’t play by that rule. But in my defense, I really didn’t know the song very well at all and was much better suited to sing Taylor Swift. Haha!) I haven’t sung karaoke since the first time I did it over six years ago, and it was so much more fun this time when the whole room was just my friends. I guess that’s the benefit of going to a local dive bar in the middle of the week. Not that I will make it a habit, of course. J Special thanks to Bob, Johnny, and especially Rory who brought the awesome to karaoke night for sure!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! I had a fantastic break and am looking forward to a good long Christmas break after I get through the last three weeks of this semester.  Lots of free time for crossing off List Items! Thanks for coming along for the ride, friends!


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  1. Oh yay! I just learned to like beer too! Went to a beer fest and now I ACTUALLY want to order one over a martini at dinner! (Though Martinis will always have a special place in my heart) Good girl! Blue Moon is a good one, and I actually have discovered I love stout’s and ale’s, you’ll get to your genre too!

  2. Have you tried Belgian Ales? They’re a little lighter and sweeter but still have lots of flavor. I like Leffe Blonde or any beer with Tripel or Dubble in the name. Have fun in NY!

    • I have not tried Belgian Ales, but I will now! As for NYC, all plans fell through, but I am still hoping to get up there at some point. I will be sure to contact you when that happens. 🙂

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