Mrs. Worley?


I’m about to cross off a list item twice! That’s right – I have yet again accomplished #11. Meet one of the Phillies…if even for a fleeting moment!  Several wonderful people in my life (namely my office mate Dawn, and three wonderful gentlemen: Mike, Kyle, & Scott) were compelled to inform me that Vance Worley (yup, the love of my life) would be signing autographs at the local mall. What?? Seriously?? On Thursday?? Yes, it was true. Sadly, none of the aforementioned persons were available to attend with me, BUT Suzanne to the rescue came with me with her two beautiful, well-behaved kids!

So we met at the mall around 5:30 in hopes that Vanimal would be there semi-on time, which was supposed to be 6pm. By 7:15 people finally started filtering into the store to get their 15 seconds with V. Worls. Suz’s wonderful kids were so patient!! Here’s Lauryn and her beautiful face waiting in line:


  So we were on our way to the store. I was about to meet him! For real! Suzanne asks if I would like her to introduce me as her “very VERY single friend” and I start blushing and urge her not to. She then reminds her 4-year-old son, Evan, that he needs to look at Vance in the eyes and say hi when he meets him. The one who should have gotten that advice was…Vance. Neither Evan nor myself got any personal words (or any words at all that I can recall), limited eye contact, and zero charm. So needless to say, Vance Worley did not propose to me. Imagine! The nerve!


Oh well. So my experience meeting The Vanimal wasn’t what I expected. But I guess Love at First Sight just wasn’t in the cards for us tonight. But I am still grateful and glad for many things that I got from this experience. (1) I have such wonderful friends around me that are looking out for me and helping me make my dreams come true. (A wonderful recurring theme!) (2) I got to spend time with Suzanne! (3) I got this picture….


So all in all, I’m really glad I went. Thank you to all of you who informed me of this event, a big thank you to Suz and family who stood in line for almost two hours to help me fulfill this dream, and even thank you, Vance, for faking a smile for me.

And as always, thank you for reading and being on this adventure with me!!


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