I have not updated recently. Okay, I haven’t updated at all. I was under the assumption that unless I was actively crossing something off The List, you wouldn’t want to hear from me.

But then Sheila (easily one of The Most Wonderful People In All The Land) reminded me this is about the journey! Not about crossing things off a list. (Though, admittedly, it is kind of about that.)

Reminder: it's about the journey. (Thanks, She She.)

So, I have two line items closer to the near future: (1) guns! and (2) Reiki session. Quite possibly the two most opposite items on the list. Kyle claims he’s going to take me shooting…but we do keep talking about it, so eventually it has to happen. And the Reiki session is actually scheduled! Emily hooked me up with a family friend for that one!  I’m equally excited about both of them.

Other wonderful friends have mentioned helping me out with a few others (dessert, rock climbing, fitted sheet). Something I have already learned on this journey is how willing and able my friends and family are in helping me realize my dreams. I just have to communicate them, and so many people rush to my side to say, “I can help with this!” or “how about we do this one together?” It’s so wonderful! I am so incredibly blessed. It has solidified even further for me how God will find many creative ways to work in your life.

And thank *you* for being here. For reading, for helping me, and for encouraging me along the way. Every piece of support is much appreciated.



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  1. Sheila – yes please! I would love to go climbing with you!
    Holly – there’s actually a place 20 minutes from me that has a “ladies’ special” on tuesdays that’s super cheap! but thank you so much for thinking of me! im looking forward to our phillies game! 🙂

  2. It’s so true – the second you start sharing your dreams it seems like everyone wants to help you achieve them. I’ve also found that blogging has helped to push me forward. As soon as I make something public I feel like I would be disappointing the entire world wide web if I don’t at least make an effort.

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